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Knowledge Retrieval SolutionsLOGIC is the reseller for Excalibur Knowledge Retrieval software in Singapore and Malaysia. LOGIC also offers services such as consultation, customization and implementation of knowledge management software and related software development services.

Excalibur RetrievalWare empower people and enable organizations to analyze, index, catalog, browse, access, search, retrieve and more easily share all enterprise knowledge assets, be they paper, text, images or video.

Built on a comprehensive, unified architecture, Excalibur knowledge retrieval solutions provide instantaneous access to all enterprise knowledge assets - databases, word processing documents, PDFs, news feeds, groupware systems, e-mail, images, or paper-based files.

Designed for enterprise applications, Excalibur's suite of products works across intranets and extranets, and can even crawl the web for the knowledge you need. Employing simple, concept-based queries and queries-by-example, Excalibur products are intuitive and easy to use.

Excalibur's knowledge retrieval solutions are based on the proven search technologies of Semantic Network and Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing(APRP). These unique technologies fuel high-powered searches and retrieval, based on word meanings, relationships, and their underlying digital patterns. Even synonyms and misspelled words are found in the search process, yielding truly accurate results.

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