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Electronics CommerceLOGIC offers E-commerce solution including EnterpriseLink's SmartTran tool from U.S. and the related customization services. LOGIC is the master distributor for SmartTran in the region of Singapore and Malaysia and has a pool of IT professional with skills in Java, ActiveX, Visual Basic, HTML, CGI, etc. to enhance web applications.

EnterpriseLink's SmartTran is a cost-effective, flexible and evolutionary approach to web deployment. It is an enterprise-class suite of integration tools that transform IBM mainframe and AS/400 applications for web delivery without any programming efforts. It leverages current IT investments for E-commerce & Extranet services.

Unlike screen-scrapers, which do little more than redisplay the mainframe screen in a new window, SmartTran enables the selection of host application business rules and their integration with web-specific processing, resulting in dynamic real-time web application solutions for your users.

To use the web as a platform for delivery of host-base applications, you must be able to quickly and easily manipulate the content, display and navigation of the host-based applications.

With SmartTran, you can control the way a user navigates through a legacy application - controlling the content and how it is visually displayed - all without touching the legacy code. The SmartTran approach delivers a high-satisfaction solution that is both flexible and scaleable.

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