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High Availability RAID Storage System
- Baydel O/ESR, U.K.

Baydel O/ESR RAID Multi-rack ConfigurationLOGIC is the reseller for Baydel Storage system in Singapore and Malaysia. Understanding the importance of customer services, LOGIC provides excellent 24 hours, 7 days a week, maintenance and support services to all Baydel customers in the region.

The O/ESR is a feature-rich RAID subsystem designed and manufactured by Baydel using state-of-the-art microprocessor, disk and memory technology. The O/ESR represents the culmination of 25 years research and development into resilient and high performance computer storage products.

Baydel RAID systems are straightforward to install. The dynamic cache algorithms accommodate most application environments and avoid the need to test and select different RAID configurations. They also provide the highest levels of performance and data protection.

Baydel O/ESR RAID Stand-alone Configuration

A built-in expansion capability allows configurations to grow as extra capacity and performance is required. Additionally, there is a complete freedom of choice of platform and operation system along with comprehensive monitoring capabilities providing the complete solution for all mission critical storage requirements.

Baydel O/ESR RAID Rack Configuration For more information, contact our salesperson for Baydel.


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