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Excalibur Technologies Corp.

Excalibur Technologies Corporation

  Corporate Overview

Founded in 1980, Excalibur Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: EXCA) is the pioneer of innovative Knowledge Retrieval software solutions that transform information into knowledge. They empower people and enable organizations to quickly analyze, index, catalog, browse, access, search, retrieve and more easily share all enterprise knowledge assets, be they paper, text, images or video.

As the world's leading developer of high-performance software products for the intelligent search and retrieval of all knowledge assets irrespective of media type, over intranets, LANs/WANs, extranets and the Internet, Excalibur products fulfill mission critical needs to leverage extant intellectual property to meet a need, solve a problem or answer a question.

Corporate History

Since its founding in 1980, Excalibur Technologies has sought to create knowledge retrieval solutions that work the way people do. Excalibur's innovative technologies are designed specifically to work with people's intuitive, native senses and natural language abilities -- an invaluable feature as increasingly vast stores of electronic information incorporating databases, intranets and the Internet must be successfully navigated. With the industry's most current and complete set of capabilities for transforming information into knowledge, Excalibur Technologies delivers a solid and extensible foundation for the future.

  Software Solution

In today's information economy, the most powerful enterprise tools create value by accelerating the extraction of mission-critical knowledge from raw information. Excalibur Technologies provides high-performance software solutions that enrich and extend people's abilities to process raw information, turning it into useful, relevant knowledge.

Utilizing both Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing (APRP™) and semantic network technology, Excalibur RetrievalWare provides knowledge workers with intuitive, efficient and accurate access to the meaningful content of all types of digital information -- from unstructured text, live information streams and database fields, to images, video and more.

Excalibur's APRP identifies and indexes the underlying binary patterns in digital data, providing the capability to build content-based retrieval applications for virtually any type of digital information, including text, images, video and sounds. Excalibur's Semantic Networks leverage lexical knowledge at the highest level, offering the only system to use built-in knowledgebases to search for specific word meanings enriched by related terms and concepts. Integrating these two approaches, Excalibur delivers the most complete, powerful, yet easy to use knowledge retrieval capabilities available today.

  Customer Base

Excalibur's broad customer base for knowledge retrieval includes blue chip companies such as United Airlines, Ford, World Bank, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed, and NYNEX; key governmental organizations such as the Federal Reserve Board, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Global Change Research Consortium, and numerous civilian, defense and intelligence agencies; and leading electronic publishers and information vendors such as ADP Brokerage Information Services, Pacific Bell, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, CMP Media, Inc. and Physicians' Online. Within secure corporate intranets, through real-time and online services, and across the World Wide Web, hundreds of thousands of users are benefiting from Excalibur's software products.

Excalibur markets and distributes its products through a variety of channels as a result of major development, distribution and marketing agreements with such partners as IBM, Informix, Sequent, EDS, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics and KPMG Peat Marwick. In addition to a direct sales force in North America and Europe, Excalibur has agreements with select independent software vendors, systems integrators and value added resellers in over 50 countries.

  Service and Support

Excalibur considers customer service a top priority. Excalibur provides an extensive worldwide support system where customers can chose a level of professional service that best suits their needs, including 24 hour, 7-days a week hot-line support. Customers may also leverage their technology investments by taking advantage of a full range of business and technical consulting services as well as training and educational services.

  Excalibur Technologies Corporation Website

For more information, visit Excalibur website at http://www.excalib.com


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