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EnterpriseLink Technology Corporation
  Company Background
  • Founded in 1993
  • Founders have more than 40 years combined experience with large-scale mainframe transaction processing and distributed systems
  • Headquartered in Campbell, California
  • Privately owned with venture funding provided by Woodside Capital Group; CTC, the largest reseller of Sun and Netscape products in Japan; and Japan-based Itochu, the world's largest trading company
  Business Objective and Focus
  • Apply web technology innovation to existing corporate IT assets.
  • Web enable enterprise applications and data
  The EnterpriseLink Approach
  • Allow corporations to quickly and easily revitalize host data using the web delivery platform.
  • Provide control over the three core dimensions of a host application: content, navigation and display
  • Allow developers to deliver mainframe-based applications to a broader range of non-traditional host users in a secure and manageable way by providing an operating environment that protects the integrity of the mainframe.
  • Let corporation chose the level of re-engineering they require.
  First Product
  • The SmartTran product family, a powerful integrated development environment which rapidly transforms legacy applications into re-vitalized enterprise-class web applications.
  • FCS: December 1996
  • Distributed through ISVs, System Integrators, and channel partners

EnterpriseLink website

For more information about EnterpriseLink and its products and services, visit their website at http://www.enterpriselink.com

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