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Baydel Ltd. UK

Baydel Ltd. UK

  Company History

Eversince Baydel was formed in 1972, the company has specialised in the design and manufacture of computer storage, connectivity and system products. Starting with proprietary hardware, and exploiting open standard systems as they became available, Baydel has always offered the benefits of the most advanced technologies to the users.

The increasing dependence of businesses on information technology and the relentless growth in the raw power of computer systems, continues to increase the importance of the data storage element of an overall solution. Baydel has always appreciated the value of data availability, integrity and accessibility. It is their unique ability to translate these concepts into their hardware designs which has made Baydel an ideal partner for mission-critical storage requirements.

  Research and Development

Baydel is justifiably proud of its in-house research and development teams. Their achievements have been instrumental in establishing the company's position as a technology leader. In-house designs encompass

  • Circuit design
  • Microcode and software
  • Mechanical and electromechanical assemblies

Designing each major component in our systems, ensures taht Baydel do not have to compromise on quality their products.

  Software Development

Baydel provides users with enhanced features and functionality at their application level. This can only be achieved through the unusually close collaboration between the software and hardware designers. An example of this is RAIDMON, Baydel's RAID monitoring software, which gathers essential performance data straight from the RAID controller. RAIDMON shows system administrators exactly what their systems are doing and enables the fine tuning which leads to maximum efficiency.

  Quality Programme

Baydel ensures reliability and quality right through to the final assembled product. Tracking and quality assurance programmes are in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 9000 standards and final pre-delivery testing includes temperature controlled environmental monitoring and extended operational burn-in. These rigorous testing mechanisms monitor and maintain everything from incoming component quality to successful installation.

  Service and Support

No matter where in the world their Raid systems are installed, Baydel endeavour to ensure there is always someone available to help in the unlikely event of a problem.

  • Support groups in Leatherhead and San Josť
  • Direct service in many North American cities
  • Trained service partners, including IBM, SUN, Digital, Silicon Graphics and Motorola in certain geographic territories
  • Many other country specific service providers
  • Comprehensive customer training

Baydel has gained a wealth of experience in storage development since 1972 when the company was founded. This has been achieved through both in-house developments and collaborative designs with other manufacturers. In fact these projects included dynamic bad block revectoring, intelligent caching and resilient subsystems dating back to the late 1970's, long before the terminology "RAID" was coined.

It is this foresight and experience which has led to Baydel becoming recognised as one of the industry's major independent design and manufacturing companies. It is their aim to continue in this tradition of excellence.

Baydel Ltd. Website

For more information, visit Baydel website at http://www.baydel.com


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