The Funding Process

Providing accurate up-to-date data is key to achieving a successful working relationship. With full disclosure of your information, applications are reviewed and qualified very quickly. We in association with our investor/lenders partners are flexible and willing to work with your projects to achieve mutual funding objectives.

• If our potential partner does not have a Business Plan and/or Financial projections etc. that satisfies LOGIC’s requirements our accredited consultants will assist the client to prepare a complete and precise business plan and financial projections. A consulting fee applies for assembling a business plan and other associated information necessary to ensure the success of the submission to LOGIC for investment and/or project loan funds. The Review fee is agreed directly between the LOGIC accredited consultant and the company before LOGIC will agree to any investment and/or loan.

• LOGIC Group’s Management have been operating for years with integrity and a proven capability of matching the particular project after LOGIC’s investment to the strategic lenders requirements.

• LOGIC has strict protocols which must be run sequentially to ensure that the project is completed. All direct contact is through the accredited consultant, the partner and LOGIC Group Pty Limited. These LOGIC protocols have evolved over many years and are not negotiable.