Financing Sources

LOGIC and our financial partners can provide funding for all types of business and government projects.
Our range of funding is unlimited but usually starts at US$1 million up to US$400 million.
LOGIC has established strategic alliances with project financial sources who have the flexibility to co-ordinate specific projects with complementary capital sources.

LOGIC is uniquely positioned to capitalize any business. It has long-standing relationships with hundreds of institutional investors, including venture capital, private equity, subordinated debt, and leveraged buyout funds. LOGIC understands that each of these institutional investors have different investment criteria, specializing in certain types of transactions or specific industries. As a result, LOGIC approaches the money sources that are most appropriate for each client's needs.
Investors with LOGIC are sophisticated, and may be active participants in the companies in which they infuse capital. Historically, these investors participate as members of Board of Directors and add significant value through imparting industry knowledge, contacts and financial skills.
Additionally, LOGIC has an extensive proprietary network of high net worth individuals who invest in its deals. LOGIC will approach those individuals who have a particular interest in a specific industry, or are able to provide value to the companies in which they invest. Ultimately, LOGIC works with each client to decide upon the optimal investment partner(s).

LOGIC’s Strategic Partners
• Investment Banks
• Mutual Funds
• Trust and Pension Funds
• Superannuation Funds
• Corporations
• Wealthy Individuals
• Venture Capitalists
• World Bank and IMF
• Governments